Wednesday, April 7, 2010

B.B.'s Place

I came up with this idea for a tv show called B.B.'s Place about a diner in the south where all the city folks pass through. It has some fun with the differences between country and city life. Here are some of the characters from the diner.

Meet Barn Bunny or as his friends call him B.B. He's the owner of the local diner/gas station/repair shop. B.B. is laid back and sincere. Most all the town comes to his place to have a burger and chat awhile. The town is very country and is just off the highway where many city folks commute to work. So there are a variety of characters that love to visit B.B.s Place. Here he is working and welcoming someone new.

This is Clem (An Opossum). He's the mechanic who also pumps gas for B.B.'s Place. Being B.B.'s right hand man has him always working. Clem is suspicious of just about everything especially city folk. He's a hard worker and is best friends with B.B. There's a soft spot in there just got to get to know him.

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