Monday, December 7, 2009

Billy Boy

Tex Avery did so many great cartoons. I've been watching a few and came across one called "Billy Boy". I always end up freezing a few shots to look at the animation. I stopped while the little billy goat dipped his head down and gave this cute look as if to ask..."Would you please let me in?". I haven't drawn too many cute I gave it a shot. Cuteness is a very defined look and this was a great exercise.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Back from Michigan

Went to see family in Michigan and haven't posted any new drawings. While I was on the plane I did a couple Preston Blair models. The wolf was fun and I tried to keep some of my construction lines visible with the fox.

Preston Blair Wolf

Preston Blair Fox

Monday, November 9, 2009

Mice And Men

Here's an article that was given to me a while back. It's great to see where Disney animation was at that time.

Mice And Men cover

Mice And Men 1

Mice and men 2

Mice And Men 3

Mice And Men 4

Mice And Men 5

Mice and Men 6

Mice And Men 7

Monday, October 5, 2009

Tom Throwing

I finally got a drawing tablet for the computer. It is called a "Bamboo" by Wacom. It is such a new experience drawing with it. I know the more I use it, the better I will get. This is my starting drawing so be kind. I was constructing like mad to get this together. Learning to draw correctly is going to be hard work and take lots of time. So I want to start right.

Tom Throw

Friday, September 25, 2009

Drawing #13 - Mad Daffy

I was watching "Duck Amuck" today and studied different parts of the animation frame by frame. The timing and expressions are priceless. I found my favorite mad face (and there were many!) and drew it.

Mad Daffy

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Drawing #12 - Rabbit's Joy

I really enjoyed drawing this one, though it took a while to get the construction correct. This is a shot I found watching "Winnie The Pooh And Tigger Too!". Rabbit ditches Tigger and comes up with this great smile. Don Bluth animated Rabbit and it shows. Lots of great emotion in every frame. Love it!

Rabbit's Joy

Drawing #11 - Preston's dog

It sure is nice to draw on a real pad rather than on printer paper. Here's Preston Blair's dog. Worked hard on constructing this one right. Took a while, but it was fun. He's a happy guy!

Preston Blair Dog 1

Drawing #10 - Our dog "Ginger"

I just bought a new drawing pad and was hot to draw something around the house. Well, there curled up on our new couch was our German Shorthair Pointer "Ginger". I sat next to her and did my best to quickly draw her before she moved. This is what came of the whole thing...

Ginger on couch

Drawing #9 - Drawing loose with Preston's Swing Shift Cinderella

I was checking out a video that Don Bluth put together on learning to draw loose. I gave it a shot with Preston Blair's girl from Swing Shift Cinderella. No details, just loose drawing. This was a freeing exercise because I tend to hold my pencil way too tight.

Preston loose

Here's the screen shot I used from "Swing Shift Cinderella" animated by the one...the only...Preston Blair himself.

Swing Shift Cinderella

Drawing #8 - Sad Sasha

Here's my attempt on making Sasha have a rough day. I tried to study what things give a character a sad look. The eyes, mouth, ears, head tilt, etc. She's not a happy camper.

sasha,don bluth,cyber garage project

Drawing #7 - Sasha

Don Bluth has a great website where he's helping regular folks like me learn to animate. I've learned quite a bit about the process and he's got a "Cyber Garage Project" going that gives members a chance to animate a scene from a short film he developed. Here's a drawing of one of the characters called "Sasha". You can see the turn around reference here. She a cute little bunny.

Sasha,don bluth,cyber garage project

Drawing #6 - Jeremy

Here's another "Nimh" picture of Jeremy the crow leaning back before he falls and sings about his future lady friend.

jeremy sings

Drawing #5 - Mrs. Brisby

I'm a big Don Bluth fan. Here's a shot from "Secret Of Nimh" where Mrs. Brisby is looking worried.

Mrs. Briz worried

Drawing #4 - Preston's Barney Bear

Barney has a great goofy look. Fun to draw.

Preston Bear

Drawing #3 - Preston Bear 1

Check out this happy bear. Boy...if I could be this content.

Preston Bear 2

Drawing #2 - Preston Blair Egg Heads

Throughout this blog you'll find drawings that I'm working on from an online copy of Preston Blair's original book called "Advanced Animation" or otherwise known as the "$100,000 Animation Drawing Course. You can find it here. For us broke Dads out there who want to learn to animate, this is a treasure. Here is my first attempt at some egg heads from the book. It's great in learning construction of a simple head.

Preston Eggs 1

Preston Eggs 2

Drawing #1 - Kip

Here's a little drawing of a character I call "Kip". He represents my lack of confidence in drawing. He's not quite sure of himself and neither am I. Someone asked me if Kip is a canine and he is. So I thrust my drawings out there and see how things progress (Lord willing) or regress.